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7-year-old James is battling anemia, needs bone marrow transplant

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7-year-old James Barthlomew is rapidly losing his health. He cannot walk and run around like other kids. Some days he bleeds from his mouth, gets dizzy and feels down. As the days go by, Leo and Daisy’s worry for their son intensifies. Without an urgent bone marrow transplant they will lose him as the disease has already taken over his body. Couple of months back, James was happily going to school attending his 2nd std classes but all of sudden he got Jaundice. While diagnosing him the doctors found that his liver was severely damaged and there was a huge drop in his blood cells count and on further tests doctors confirmed that James was suffering with Aplastic anemia. This is a medical condition where the bone marrow shuts and stops producing new blood cells.

“My son keeps telling me. ‘Amma, I don’t like being here, I want to go home, I want to play with my friends.’ I couldn’t see my son bleeding and crying out in pain” says his mother, Daisy. https://www.indiatoday.in/impact-feature/story/7-year-old-james-is-battling-anemia-needs-bone-marrow-transplant-1392358-2018-11-20

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