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Coconut oil: Side effects you need to know!

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We all know that coconut oil gives many health, nutritional and beauty benefits. But many of us didn’t know that this oil can also harm our health. It can affect us in a number of ways.

Here are some side effects of coconut oil which we all should know:

Causes high blood pressure

This oil is known to cause high blood pressure or hypertension as it contains high amount of saturated fat which promotes the accumulation of these fatty acids in the inner walls of blood vessels. The fatty deposits within the arteries make the vessels narrower causing high blood pressure.

Increases body weight

One should use less coconut oil as low in their daily diet, as it increases the body weight because of its high amount of fats and also make you vulnerable to several serious health problems


Because of its antibacterial and germ-fighting qualities, ingesting too much of coconut oil can lead to diarrhea.

Leads to allergic reactions

One of the common effects of coconut oil on skin is allergic reactions. You include it in your diet or stick only to its topical application, there are high chances that you will develop certain minor to moderate allergies.


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