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Hiland River: South Kolkata’s only riverside condominium

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There are many aspects one need to look at before buying a house. From location of the property to its price; Vaastu matches to the amenities provided by the builder, it’s an overwhelming check-list one has to go through. However, one of the most important questions one needs to answer for oneself is the type of home one really wants to live in.

In today’s times, it is very difficult to find a house in a well-connected locality in South Kolkata. And if your dream is to stay in a riverside flat, then there weren’t many such options until now. But with Hiland River Project, you might just be able to fulfill your dream. Until now river facing flats were only open to residents in North Kolkata, but now Hiland River brings this dream lifestyle to the southern side of the city providing breathtaking views of the river Ganges. And we all know the significance of River Ganges in Indian culture, especially in Kolkata. Thanks to Hiland River, now make the Ganges a part of your everyday life. South Kolkata’s only Riverside Condominium offers you the perfect match between nature’s serenity and luxurious comfort. https://www.telegraphindia.com/business/hiland-river-south-kolkata-s-only-riverside-condominium/cid/1677717

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