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How to stay fit this festive season

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Durga Puja is the time when we break out of the routine and allow ourselves to be swept away by the festivities for which we wait the entire year. And that is absolutely fine as long as the indulgence doesn’t affect your health. If you keep your wits about you and follow some basic tenets, you can enjoy the Pujas to the fullest.

Don’t overeat or binge-drink

This is something most of us tend to do during Durga Puja. We might have been waiting to eat, drink and make merry, but it’s very important to exercise some degree of restraint and caution. Eat your fill by all means, but avoid overeating or binge drinking. These can mess up your digestion and make you sick, which might lead to you getting restricted for the remainder of the festivities.

Exercise and stretch

I know the Pujas are a time many want to take a break from strenuous exercise. While that’s fair enough, one should still do some basic exercises. You may be walking a lot while pandal-hopping around the city and may not have the energy to train, hard-core exercise enthusiasts still do. But some basic mobility and stretching exercises will help you unwind and feel good about yourself. After walking and being on your feet the entire day, your body will want some nice stretch therapy to relax those muscles and eliminate stiffness. Just 20-30 minutes should be enough to get you back on your feet and going again. If you want to add some other exercises, consider push-ups/Hindu-push-ups, squats and mountain climbers. Keep it to three sets of each with eight to 12 reps per exercise https://www.telegraphindia.com/health/how-to-stay-fit-this-festive-season/cid/1671757?ref=health-related-story-1

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