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Naagin 3, 24th November 2018 preview: Viyom attacks Vikrant for flirting with his sister

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This weekend’s episode of Naagin 3 had Bela, Vish and Vikrant teaming up to defeat the vultures. Viyom and his family are hell-bent on seeking revenge since Bela killed one of them. Bela tells them that she only did so because their brother was the reason her sister died. The snakes also come up with a plan to torture the vultures but the vultures manage to turn it around and stop getting tortured. The last episode also ended with Vikrant spending the night in Viyom’s sister’s room and them talking about it in the morning. Viyom also overhears them talking about spending last night about each other.

The promo of the next episode showed Mahir yelling at Yuvi for already cheating on his wife. Mahir slaps him and even warns him to stop with his Casanova ways. Mahir asks Yuvi to get out of the house and he does so after giving Bela a smirk. Viyom also attacks Yuvi for trying to flirt with his sister. The two get in their animal forms to fight it out. Bela tells Vikrant later on that they will first turn the vultures against each other and then defeat them. Now that sounds like a plan. We wonder if Vish will also join them in these plans or will she be left out since she was quite upset with Vikrant for having a word with Bela alone on the terrace. The upcoming episodes do promise a lot of drama and romance for fans. https://www.timesnownews.com/entertainment/telly-talk/gossip/article/naagin-3-24th-november-2018-preview-viyom-attacks-vikrant-for-flirting-with-his-sister/316360

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