From naked quad-biking clients and steaks for dogs, private chefs have revealed the most bizarre moments of their careers.

For most of us, a successful dinner party is one where 90 per cent of the food isn’t burned and ends without any red wine stains on the carpet. But for the well-heeled clients of private chefs, Michelin-inspired dishes are on the menu and cooking is the last thing on their minds.

We spoke to Sivlia Baldini – Food Network Chopped winner who has trained in Michelin-starred kitchens – as well as chefs Philippa Denton, MasterChef 2012 contestant Alec Tomasso, and Nick Fisher of online catering service La Belle Assiette about their most outrageous clients and memorable events.

What are some of the strangest requests you have had from clients?

SB: I was asked by an actress to cook only red foods. She only ate tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries. Not sure how long she survived on that diet! Another time I had to prepare a meal for a family that didn’t like to chew.

I also have been asked to whip up “special mushrooms” teas and pot brownies, which I declined. But perhaps the weirdest request was when a client asked me to prepare a birthday party meal for her cats. I walked out.

PD: I cooked for one lady every week who pretended that she had made it all, while I hid in the kitchen.

NF: A client I cook for once a week also requests a meal for his dog with a starter of roast chicken and a main of filet of beef.

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