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Redmi Note 6 Pro India launch on Nov 22, but at what price? Chances are it will sell for Rs 15,999

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The Redmi Note 6 Pro is coming to India on November 22.
The phone will go on sale in the country on November 23.
the key highlight of the Redmi Note 6 Pro will be its quad camera system.

Xiaomi is launching the Redmi Note 6 Pro in India on November 22 and the phone will go on sale for the first time on November 23, exclusively on Flipkart and Mi.com. This will be a flash sale, so expect the stocks to be limited. So far we know almost everything about this Redmi Note 5 Pro successor. We know that the Note 6 Pro will come with four cameras, run on MIUI 10 based on Android Oreo, sport a bigger display than the one in the Note 5 Pro. Other Note 6 Pro specs too are known. The only major mystery, for now, is the price of the Note 6 Pro in India.

So how much the Note 6 Pro will cost in India? Officially Xiaomi is yet to announce it, but don’t be surprised if the price of the new Redmi Note in India is Rs 15,999. This will be Rs 1,000 higher than the price of the Redmi Note 5 Pro, which has been selling for Rs 14,999 until Xiaomi recently dropped the price by Rs 1,000. The slightly higher price is expected for the Note 6 Pro given how weak rupee has become in the last few months against dollar.

In fact, due to stronger dollar Xiaomi recently hiked the prices of Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, Mi Powerbank 2i and Mi TVs in India. Realme also increased the price of some of its phones in the country for the same very reason. Commenting on the price hike of phones in India, Navkendar Singh, who’s an associate research director at IDC India recently said, “With the duty hikes in place and the dollar fluctuation, smartphone vendors are expected to raise prices of devices in the coming months rather than absorbing the cost or clocking it under cash backs and financing schemes etc.”

In other words, there is a very real chance that the Redmi Note 6 Pro is going to cost more. But why Rs 15,999 and why not some more, say Rs 17,999 or something?

Well, the Redmi Note 6 Pro may come with a price tag of Rs 17,999. We are not ruling that out. But there is a very strong chance it won’t. The Redmi Note 6 Pro needs to fit into the current product line-up that Xiaomi has. This means it needs to slot between the Mi A2, which is now selling for Rs 15,999 and Poco F1, which sells for Rs 20,999, but is often available for less due to some offer or other.

There is no way the Redmi Note 6 Pro can be priced closer to the Poco F1, because that phone comes with a Snapdragon 845 processor. It can be said that the Poco is in different league altogether and if Xiaomi prices the Note 6 Pro close to it, that will make it dead on arrival. And if the Note 6 Pro comes in at Rs 16,999, that will likely hurt Mi A2.

Both the Mi A2 and the Poco F1 are among the best selling phones, and Xiaomi will not want to throw in the Redmi Note 6 Pro in the mix in a way that affects them. I will surely like to see the Note 6 Pro but without affecting the market that the Mi A2 or the Poco F1 hold.

Another reason why Xiaomi is likely to price the Redmi Note 6 Pro at Rs 15,999 is because in other markets too including Thailand and Indonesia the phone has been priced moderately and when you convert the local price into rupees it ends up under Rs 16,000.

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Finally, there is the fact that the Note 6 Pro seems like an improved Note 5 Pro, particularly in camera performance, instead of being a phone that is something entirely different. It will make sense to increase its price marginally. Hence the increase of Rs 1,000 — Rs 2,000, if you consider that the current Note 5 Pro price is Rs 13,999 — in the price of the Note 6 Pro.https://www.indiatoday.in/technology/features/story/redmi-note-6-pro-india-launch-on-nov-22-price-could-be-rs-15999-1392187-2018-11-20

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