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She Ordered Health Care Products, Found Dead Crocodile In Package Instead

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There have been quite a few stories about online shopping fails – products that look completely different to what had been ordered, size differences, even bricks or soaps being delivered instead of gadgets. This, however, may just be one of the most bizarre delivery disasters ever. A woman in China recently received a package containing a dead crocodile and lizard, according to reports. She had actually ordered health supplements.
According to Shanghaiist, a woman named Zhang in Suichang, China’s Zhejiang province, ordered some health supplements online. When she received the package, three boxes looked regular while the fourth didn’t. She tore open that package and noticed a foul smell coming from it. Once she opened the box, she found the dead reptiles in it.

A video posted on Chinese social networking site Weibo shows the contents of the package.

The woman and her husband alerted police about the incident. Upon inspection, police found that it was a Siamese crocodile from a breeding farm and even had a QR code tag on it, reports Youth Times. Through the code, police traced the details of the crocodile and found documents and permits for it.

Crocodile farming is legal in China and Siamese crocodiles are bred in captivity for their meat and leather, reports South China Morning Post.

It was eventually found that the courier company sent the reptiles to the wrong address, reports Shanghaiist. Both animals were reportedly alive when sent out but couldn’t survive the long delivery.

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